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Toyota Corolla Will Not Turn On

A Toyota Corolla that will not turn on and begin running can be frustrating. If the vehicle won’t activate and begin to work there can be several issues that need investigating. This article details what you should check if your subcompact motor vehicle will not start running. 

Check the battery

We all know what a car battery is. It’s a container consisting of several cells in which chemical energy is converted into electricity. It’s used as a power source for all of the vehicle’s electrical needs. 

If your Toyota Corolla will not fire up and begin to work, the car’s battery is probably dead. If you attempt to start the vehicle you you hear a rapid clicking sound, it’s the battery. In some cases the car might even attempt to start, and you hear the engine cranking slowly, then a rapid clicking sound. It’s the battery.

It doesn’t mean the battery is dead and no longer effective. Maybe you have a bad ground or you left the lights on. First, fully charge the battery, then start the car. Drive the car a few miles and come back home and turn off the car. Restart the car, if it does not start up somethings wrong with a cell and it might be time to invest in a new battery, or maybe your current battery is under warranty. In which case, you get another battery free of charge. 

Starter is bad

Starters don’t last forever. Basically, the starter is an automatic device that is used to crank or turn over your engine. 

When a starter is bad, it might not make any noise at all, or you might hear a loud click each time you turn the key to the starting position. The good news is the starter is located at the front of the engine, near the radiator.

There are a lot of how-to DIY videos on YouTube that show you how to change the starter. Once you take it off, bring it to an auto parts store and they can test it for free. Then reinstall the starter and get your Toyota back up and running again. 

Do you have gas?

No, not that flatulence or flatus that is expelled through the anus. I am talking about gasoline, you know, that flammable gas that is used as fuel and converts power into motion. 

It could you forgot to fill it with fuel or maybe your fuel needle is stuck and not registering and emptying fuel tank. 

Put some gas in the vehicle if it’s empty, easy fix. 

Get a code scanner

There are cheap little electronic computers that you can hook up to your onboard diagnostic port and it to determine why your car won’t start. 

It’s like owning your own mechanic. In fact, professional mechanics use them to diagnose a no-start issue like the one you’re having. Get a code scanner, pull the codes from your vehicle, especially if you see a check engine light.

Once you pull the code, Google what it means. You’ll get plenty of how-to write-ups on how to fix it. And that’s it. You should be good. Now go start your car and get going. 


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